Songwriters Whose Songs We Help Represent
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Through the years the Staff of Iowa HomeGrown Music have published and developed many great Songwriters who write songs in many different styles of music. The list of Songwriters shown below is comprised of some of those Writers. Other Songwriters on this list cowrite with Iowa HomeGrown Music Songwriters so we feature them here. Other Songwriters shown are Artists we help represent, and still others are Songwriters whose personal song catalogs we represent.

We are proud to be associated with all of them and honored to be able to make you aware of some of their many personal accomplishments. We invite you to listen to our Songwriters and Artists while you visit!

Ryan Smith

Patrick Hazell

Patti Sterling

Billy Simard

David Roth

Cindy Lu

Lori Lee

Johnny Drake

Robby Barry

Wayne Cromie

Von Manchester
Mike Finders

Johnny McCollum

Nikki Lunden

Kenny Fuller

Bridget Cox Hyman

Ned Francis

Peter F. Nostrand

George Platt

Bronson Herrmuth

Jake McVey

Mike Young
Michael Mason Bromley


Colin McCaffrey

Buddy Cavaleri

Mike Boyer

Dennis Baxter

Francesca Angiuoli

Bob Bullock


Matt Sullivan

Martha Stafford

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