The Ozone Ramblers

Our third tour of Mexico for RCA Records was outrageous and right on the heels of the February release date of our album "Ramblin' South". After our first two tours we had vowed to never cross the border into Mexico again with out our own equipment and the Winnebago, so we left two foot of snow in Minneapolis, MN, drove to Ft. Madison, IA, picked up Suzy Bogguss and headed south to Mexico City. We ended up criss-crossing Mexico from Alcapulco on the Pacific ocean to Villa Hermosa on the Atlantic Gulf, on a 14 week tour in April, May and June of 1982. We also performed at Mexico's answer to Disney Land, Reino Aventura right outside Mexico City, in what they called Peublo Vaquero. That whole part of the park was built like an old western town, with a saloon and general store, the whole bit. They had Stuntmen who would put on a show during our shows, with whom we became great buddies and had lots of fun clowning around with. We stayed in a house owned by our Managers brother in the suburbs of Mexico City and we made lots of music. Five half hour shows a day at the park and then private performances at night. Our music was on the Radio and our albums were for sale in all of the Record stores. The Mexico city newspapers and magazines all ran stories about us. It was very exciting times in the Ozone!

This tour of Mexico we were actually touring with the support of the US Embassy in Mexico City as part of a Cultural exchange program. In accordance we had agreed to perform for the Embassy staff & their families along with high level government officials of Mexico, at the Benjamin Franklin Auditorium which was a whole lot of fun. We were proud to do it.

When this tour ended and we returned to the US we went through another change of members and when the "smoke cleared" we were again a 5 peice band. Dennis Baxter and Bill Quinn had departed and our long time Amigo Curt "Lightning Fingers" Lewis was now on Bass Guitar. This photo shows the Ozone Ramblers as we looked in July 1982 when we returned to Mexico for RCA Records and our 4th tour in 14 months.
Starting at the top left and moving clockwise:
Bronson Herrmuth - Robby "The Indiana Kid" Barry - Curt "Lightning Fingers" Lewis - Lonzo "Tex" Stehenson - Fred Scherer.

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